Gone are the days of waiting to get paid…

Paygevity quickly refuels businesses with the cash flow they need to concentrate on what matters most: satisfying clients and optimizing the production of goods and services.

The Paygevity Solution

PromptPay™ disrupts an outdated banking system and unlocks economic benefits for the entire supply chain community. It transforms the way corporations, governments, and their vendors conduct commerce worldwide.

Paygevity’s mission is stongly aligned with the goals of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) SupplierPay Initiative –a partnership with the private sector to strengthen America’s small businesses.


Tap Into Paygevity’s Network

PromptPay™ is a proprietary technology platform that integrates with all vendor management systems. It connects seamlessly, and it is accessible to Buyer and Vendor.

Real Time Visibility Of Invoices And Finances
Integration With Procurement
Easy Approval And Prompt Payment Of Supplier Invoices