SCF Meets The 21st Century

At Paygevity, our financial value add permeates throughout our technology. We’ve taken the pragmatic working capital benefits of SCF and aligned them with 21st century technology. Our end result is PromptPayTM—Paygevity’s highly customizable cloud-enabled enterprise SCF marketplace that connects buyers and their vendors with leading Wall Street 3rd party financiers who compete to finance buyer SCF programs. PromptPayTM automates B2B payments and associated workflow process while also possessing key features to support Treasury and CFO strategy and governance functions.

FinTech for the SCF Industry

We pride ourselves on our thoughtful and needs-centered financial partnerships with our clients who do impressive and important work in industries all over the world. Our personal satisfaction comes in helping these clients have a material and positive difference in their respective industries for the long-term.
Whether a corporate buyer, vendor or portfolio company held by a private equity fund seeking to optimize cash flow, Paygevity welcomes and invites you to review PromptPay™’s quantifiable ROI as your organization’s ‘go-to’, strategic, and no-cost SCF marketplace.