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Track invoices, manage procurement activity, connect with the supplier community and share data across the organization.

Paygevity’s enterprise solution is a proprietary technology platform integrating vendor management, vendor payments and a comprehensive vendor analytics dashboard. It seamlessly connects with existing corporate and government enterprise systems, and is securely accessible by both supplier and buyer. It is user friendly and fully scalable. Paygevity’s participation platform is dynamic, transactional and informative, and it reduces the costs historically embedded in buyer/supplier transactions. It flattens the playing field, making the product, not the payment, your primary concern. We make the payment—that’s what we do. Paygevity is dedicated to innovating institutional payment processing systems that lead directly to stronger and more vibrant economic relationships.
Leverage our data analysis capabilities to increase overall awareness of supply chain activity and improve everyday decision making.

Integration with current accounting & invoice systemsReal time visibility of invoices and financesEasy approval and prompt payment of supplier invoices