Why Paygevity?

Risk-Free Supply Chain Financing

Paygevity offers Buyers a risk-free way to pull working capital out of their supply chain. Buyers never use their own cash to pay suppliers immediately. Neither the Buyer nor the Supplier incurs debt. Buyers have 100% control over their SCF program without spending much of their time.

Paygevity’s dedicated pool of capital allows us to provide the most attractive discount for your suppliers.

Benefits of a Paygevity Supply Chain Finance Program


  • Extend days payable outstanding
  • Significantly increase cash flow
  • Improve supplier relationships
  • Automate accounts payable; eliminate time and cost of managing payables
  • Off balance sheet treatment
  • No collateral required
  • Easy implementation
  • Diversify funding sources


  • Immediate payment at a low discount; improve cash flow
  • Certainty of payment
  • Attractive discount rate
    • Non-recourse.
    • No lending.
    • No factoring.
    • No liens.
    • No personal guarantees.
    • No paperwork.
  • Automate accounts receivable; lower costs and hassles

Paygevity’s incentives are always 100% aligned
with both Buyers and Suppliers!

Low discounts to Suppliers and high Supplier opt-ins release the most cash for Buyers!