Software Development Intern

Paygevity, Inc. Software Development Interns will apply their learning to many interesting technical problems. They will help to design, code and modify processes and web interfaces—internal and external—to function according to company needs and specifications. They simplify processes where applicable and create secure interfaces that are user-friendly and visually appealing.

Software Development Intern Job Responsibilities:

Software Development Interns are expected to:

  • Report to the Lead Developer;
  • Maintain a strong grasp of security principles and how they apply to E-Commerce applications;
  • Cultivate productive working relationships and maintain effective communications with teammates and end users, including those in alternative locations;
  • Identify and report technical issues;
  • Design and implement website features;
  • Support and ascribe to agile processes;
  • Consider and eliminate risk while successfully integrating new features and upgrading existing features;
  • Prepare documentation for end-user training and support, as necessary; and
  • Maintain an entrepreneurial view toward evaluating and improving Paygevity software products.


Software Development skills

Paygevity Software Development Interns should have a grasp of at least two programming languages.

Successful candidates will have a strong understanding of UI design, cross-browser compatibility, general web functions and standards and should have web development experience. The ideal candidate will have successfully completed at least two classes focused on web technologies (e.g., JavaScript (especially Node, Express, and Vue), HTML, REST).

Experience implementing the following solutions is desired: E-Commerce or Financial Technology (fintech), secure server deployment, cross-browser compatibility, Web Services (REST/SOAP), Multimedia Content Development, Security Principles, APIs.

Mathematics & Computation Skills

Given the highly computational nature of FinTech, Paygevity Software Development Interns are expected to have strong mathematical skills. Successful candidates will have a grade of B or better in at least one—ideally two—upper level mathematics courses.

Collaboration & Communication Skills

Paygevity uses software version control, issue tracking, and Agile development practices. Candidates should provide evidence of their ability to use such tools effectively—solo development efforts are acceptable.

The successful candidate will demonstrate effective communications skills and should be able to adapt his or her communication style to suit different audiences.


As a startup enterprise, all Paygevity team members are encouraged to bring an innovative approach to their work roles. Successful employees strike the perfect balance between completing the task at hand and dreaming the next move. Paygevity Interns are expected to embrace the same visionary approach to their jobs.

How to Apply