Put your cash to work today

Dynamic Discounting

Paygevity’s Dynamic Discounting cash optimization software solution turns your company’s cash into a profit center.  You set the discount schedule for your suppliers.  Your suppliers and vendors view a dashboard of approved invoices and can choose to receive immediate payment from your company in exchange for a discount off their invoices.  The discounts drop right to your bottom line.


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Increase Your Bottom Line

Generate as much as 45% cash-on-cash returns and immediately increase your bottom line.

Dynamic Discounting can be easily rolled-out with minimal effort. Your suppliers can accept dynamic discounts allowing you to pay the discounted invoice early without renegotiating existing contracts or changing your invoicing process.

Strengthen Supplier Relationships

With Dynamic Discounting your suppliers receive an early pay discount on their invoices. The supply chain is strengthened and the relationship between you and your suppliers and vendors is improved.

Dynamic Discounting gives suppliers the liquidity they need and your company a significant increase to its bottom line.

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